About Tagor EMS

How long has Tagor been in business?

More than 20 years, since 1995. Click here for details about us.

Where are you located?

In Niš, - just few hours from capital Serbian city Belgrade.

You say you specialize in manufacturing for low- to mid-volume product lines. How do you define "low- to mid-volume"?

This varies from customer to customer, and we are flexible to consider each customer on an individual basis. In general terms, however, we define our target customer/product as one that has (or expects to have once in full production):

  • Batches of 50-10,000 pieces, depending on board complexity
  • $100,000 or more in orders per year

What kind of equipment do you use?

Our manufacturing facility is highly automated, with equipment from brand names you know, such as DEK, Essemtec, Ersa, Rommel, Grohman, Rehm, Flextronics, Viscom, Electrovert, Orbotech, NI, Iteco…

You can click here for a Factory tour of our facility, or contact us to visit.

How many lines do you have and what is the benefit to me?

We have three lines that support high utilization: offline setups and rapid changeovers. This is ideally suited to the low-volume, high-mix (LVHM) market. We also have a dedicated prototyping capability.

Our customers benefit from this approach because:

  • We are an ideal match for the small- to mid-size company that is not manufacturing high-volume (batches greater than 10,000 pieces) electronics. Our entire business and manufacturing facility are structured around this target market, and we do not need to seek high-volume customers to fill our schedule.
  • We are able to form strong manufacturing relationships right from the prototype stage, providing fast turnaround in the design phase while also helping to ensure the final product is cost-effective and efficient to manufacture.

What kind of manufacturing services do you provide?

In addition to our advanced automation for electronics and system assembly and test, we offer a variety of value-add services tailored to the small- and mid-size companies. These include:

  • Design and Engineering Services
  • Prototype build
  • PCBA facilities such as Surface Mount Technology (SMT), Plated Through Hole (PTH) and mixed technology
  • BGA, CSP and Flip Chip Assembly
  • Clean and No-clean processes for PCBA
  • In-Circuit & Functional Tests / Burn-in Tests
  • Full system test and assembly.
  • Dedicated mechanical assembly team
  • Full Box Build capability to handle turnkey projects from electronics component and material sourcing to final packaging and logistical distribution
  • Repair services
  • Customer Logistics, Warehousing and Distribution Services


About Manufacturing


What is a turnkey service and what are the benefits?

Turnkey refers to your ability to hand over an entire manufacturing process to us and not worry about any part of that process yourself. We provide flexible services, both turnkey and partial turnkey. That means we can take care of your manufacturing needs from cradle to grave - or you may choose to handle some part of the process yourself.

How does the work process look like when it comes to turnkey services?

Tagor offers full turnkey service on your build-to-print electronic assemblies and control panels. Our Purchasing Department stands ready to source your components and set up the supply chains uniquely suited to your demand profile. Our component engineers will review and research your BOM and work with your technical team to help assure parts availability. Our manufacturing engineers will set up the equipment, fine-tune the process and make suggestions as to what can be done to optimize quality, throughput and cost. Then our development team will assist in creating a test strategy that can functionally exercise your circuit assembly before it leaves Tagor. Various custom test fixtures also can be designed and built.

Why should I build prototypes with my contract manufacturer?

Successful contract manufacturing relationships are based on excellent communication. By getting us involved at the design prototype stage, we can develop those lines of communication about your product, your customers, and your unique needs. We are also able to provide you with design-for-manufacturing (DFM) feedback on you design prototypes, helping to ensure that your final product is cost-effective and efficient to manufacture – that’s key to your product’s commercial success! We will become experts in your product so that, when it’s time to move into volume production, we can work efficiently and effectively together.

Why Outsource to Tagor EMS or other EMS provider

Here are some reasons why OEM customers outsource their engineering or manufacturing to Tagor EMS:

  • Improved materials procurement and logistics
  • Reduce time to market
  • Access to advanced technology
  • Integrated service offering for the entire product life cycle
  • Improved manufacturability
  • Improved product performance, quality and reliability
  • Choice of manufacturing approaches and strategies
  • Decreased capital expenditures
  • Faster time-to-market and time-to-volume for product introductions


Lead Free


Is it expensive to go lead free?

No. Lead free components are the same price as leaded components.

What does RoHS stand for?

RoHS is the ‘Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment’. RoHS restrictions apply to five other hazardous materials as well as lead: cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyl and polybrominated biphenyl ethers.

Why is there so much concern about lead?

The primary catalyst for lead free legislation has been growing concerns that electronic products disposed in landfills could be leaking hazardous substances into groundwater systems.


Testing & QC


Why is testing so important?

Although the demands on electronic manufacturers (in terms of features and functionality) are always on the increase, product life-cycles continue to shorten. Testing ensures that both yield and quality expectations are consistently met, saving you money and preventing loss of reputation.

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